WaterWisePro Interview on Water Careers

We’re hiring! Water and wastewater utilities across California need talented, hard working professionals to help keep our water clean and healthy.

This interview is with Steve Hernandez is the founder of Water Wise Pro and has 18 years of experience in the water sector. Steve is an expert in the sector and coaches many young water professionals on how to get ready for their certification exam and how to succeed in this profession. Listen to Steve, he’s got some great advice!

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Interviewer: Alec Mackie, Director of Communications and Marketing for CWEA.

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To get started in our sector all you need is a high school diploma. Learn how to get into the water profession at http://www.CAWaterJobs.org

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Topics and websites mentioned:

1) Know your skill set – https://youtu.be/MasWyIzY9bw?t=3m12s

2) Build relationships – https://youtu.be/MasWyIzY9bw?t=4m11s

3) Get your education and get your certification – https://youtu.be/MasWyIzY9bw?t=8m12s

– State Water Board Office of Operator Certification – https://www.waterboards.ca.gov/water_issues/programs/operator_certification/
– CWEA Certifications – https://www.cwea.org/cert.shtml

4) Learn and exercise what you learn – https://youtu.be/MasWyIzY9bw?t=14m26s

5) Work at the level above you – https://youtu.be/MasWyIzY9bw?t=15m12s


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