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2017 American Water Works Annual Conference Recap

Gabelli Research Analyst Jose Garza recaps the 2017 American Water Works Annual Conference in Philadelphia. Invest with Us 1-800-GABELLI (800-422-3554) http://facebook.com/gabellitv GabelliTV Transcript: This week we attended the American Water Works Annual Conference and Exposition, otherwise known as ACE, in Philadelphia. More than 450 companies exhibit their products, including pipes, valves, meters, hydrants, filtration systems, …

New WSO Book Series!

The best in water operator training just got better! Introducing the new Water System Operations series from The American Water Works Association. The newly revised books provide updated content along with new features making them better designed for students and teachers. The series is now broken into certification levels so training is based on knowledge …

DWM Celebrates Drinking Water Week 2017: “Your Water – To Know It Is To Love It”

The Department of Watershed Management recently hosted several activities and events as part of the American Water Works Association’s Drinking Water Week. DWM staff used this year’s theme – “Your Water – To Know It Is To Love It”, as an opportunity to provide information on how water consumers can understand and appreciate their water.